In accordance with the Federal Law of Personal Data Protection Held by Individuals (Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de los Particulares “LFPDP”), its Regulations and Guidelines, Viajes de Gala S.A. de C.V., located at Calle Cuvier 101, Colonia Anzures, Delegación Miguel Hidalgo, Código Postal 11590, in Mexico City, Mexico (“Viajes de Gala”), makes available this Privacy Notice in order that the Clients and/or Users of its Websites: and may know the procedures for obtaining, using and storing their Personal Data (“User”).




The data collected by Viajes de Gala from the User through its website, emails and/or phone, could be the followings:


  1. In the case of a quote or information requested by email, the identification data that could be collected are: name, full address, place and date of birth, photo, passport, visa, official ID, CURP, nationality, employment, email address, fax, phone and/or mobile number.
  2. Additionally, the billing information that will be collected are: RFC for Mexican companies, billing address, account types and numbers, payment form, email, fax, phone and/or mobile number and passport (for international services).
  3. If you are looking for a job interview and wish to send your resume, the academic and working data collected will be: degree, specialty, professional and personal needs.


Viajes de Gala may collect the User Personal Data directly from the User, who fills the electronic form on the website of Viajes de Gala giving his/her agreement and/or by requesting and/or by contracting services from Viajes de Gala by email and/or phone, always within the framework of the sources allowed by the current Regulations, or indirectly through any source of public access in accordance with the provisions of the LFPDP and its Regulations.


Viajes de Gala will never collect sensitive User Personal Data such as racial or ethnic origin, religious beliefs, health related information, sexual preferences and Ideology, between others. In the case that the User considers sensitive information as essential to contract services with Viajes de Gala as a travel intermediary, the User accepts that Viajes de Gala collects this sensitive Personal Data by email, with the only purpose of giving the contracted services with this information from Viajes de Gala as a travel intermediary.






a) “Cookies” and “Web beacons”:


For the website to work properly, “Cookies” and “Web beacons” are necessary and collect Non-Personal Data of the User just by being surfing on the website:


“Cookies” are the data files that are stored in the hard disk of the computer or the electronic device of a user while surfing on a specific website, which can exchange status information between this site and the user browser. The status information can disclose ways of session identification, authentication or user’s preferences as well as any data stored by the browser regarding the website.


“Web beacons” are the visible and hidden images inserted within a website or email, that are used to monitor the user’s behavior in this media. Information can be obtained through these such as the source IP address, the used browser, the operating system, the moment when the page was accessed and, in the case of an email, the association of the previous data with the recipient.


To disable these technologies, the User has to click on “site settings” or “content settings” located under privacy and security. Click on “cookies” and toggle the “allow sites to save and read cookie data” to off. For more information about these technologies, please visit the following websites: y




b) Minors:


Viajes de Gala is compromised with the importance to protect minors and incompetent users, with the fact that this website is not designed to collect intentionally their Personal Data, unless we have their parents, guardians or legal representant agreement. For that reason, at any time, the User will be able to use the right of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition (“ARCO) to protect the Personal Data process of minors and incompetent users.






Viajes de Gala may have different objectives and/or use of the User personal information such as:


  • The services provision as travel intermediary, in relation with the selling/booking process of leisure and/or business travels including the booking of national and international lodging, national and international ground transportation, national and international air transportation, national and international touristic package as well as the billing and paying process and the travel profile creation.
  • Analysis and statistics inside the company that are necessary for the provision for leisure and/or business services that cover the market needs.
  • Any complementary or auxiliary activity mandatory for the services provision for leisure and/or business trips.
  • Gather the necessary information for the management of complaints or claims done by the User
  • Collecting the information in data base to contact the User for any matter related to leisure and/or business trips, as well as for this Privacy Notice.
  • Evaluate the quality of services, always providing better services and achieving the duty for our client.
  • The marketing, advertising, statements, reports, market studies, installations access control and similar.


At any time, the User will be able to request to stop providing this service sending an email at





The User accepts that his/her Personal Data collected in the website of Viajes de Gala and/or by email could be transferred to a third party, only when it is for the use established in this Privacy Notice and in Contracts, Agreements or any other document signed between Viajes de Gala and the User and no provision of the Law applicable to the matter is contravened.


The User accepts that his/her Personal Data might be sent to Authorities, in case we have to comply with certain obligations, legal or regulatory requests and in any case of the article 37 LFPDPPP.




Viajes de Gala will observe the principles of lawfulness, consent, information, quality, purpose, loyalty, proportionality, responsibility, security and confidentiality in the handling of  the User Personal Data, following the commercial standards necessary for the protection of it.





At any time, the User may repeal the consent granted to Viajes de Gala in this Privacy Notice for processing his/her Personal Data as well as limit the use or disclosure of it.


This repeal will have to follow the LFPDP, its Regulation and Guidelines. The User will have to send the repeal by email to with acknowledgment of received from Viajes de Gala and to contact Viajes de Gala, the User may call the following phone number +52(55) 52504201 to know the process and requirements for the consent repeal.





The User, or the legal representative, to protect his/her Personal Data, may apply the ARCO rights, following the LFPDP, its Regulation and Guidelines; for a better understanding, they are defined briefly below:


Access: the User has the right to ask and get for free from Viajes de Gala his/her Personal Data Information collected in its data base, as well as consulting the origin, use, treatment and disclosure of this data.


Rectification: the User has the right to ask and get for free from Viajes de Gala the rectification and/or correction of his/her false or incomplete Personal Data.


Cancellation: When the User considers that his/her Personal Data are not treated following the principals established by the LFPDP, its Regulation and Guidelines, he/she has the right to ask Viajes de Gala to dismiss his/her Personal Dara from the data base totally or partially.


Opposition: at any time, the User may declare against Viajes de Gala for legitimate cause that his/her Personal Data are not treating properly.


By virtue of the previous information, the User expressly submits to the Mexican Laws for the Personal Data Protection Held by Individuals, in accordance of this Privacy Notice, waiving any other legislation that would correspond to his/her current or future address or for any other motive.






Changes or updates made by Viajes de Gala to this Privacy notice will be communicated to the User through the website In the case that the User does not agree with the changes, he/she could use his/her ARCO rights.





If the User does not expressly object to this notice and its updates and/or modifications, it is understood that the User tacitly consents the processing of his/her data in terms of Article 8 of the LFPDPPP, when the privacy notice has been made available to them, with no opposition. Therefore, Viajes de Gala recommends the User to read carefully this Privacy Notice since, when providing his/her data by any way established in this document, his/her tacit and/or express agreement of the Privacy Notice will be established.