When requesting services offered by our commercial brands: Viajes de Gala®, De Gala Skihouse®, Go Canada®, and Experiencias® by Viajes de Gala, book through our main Company Viajes de Gala S.A. de C.V.



Cuvier 101, Col. Anzures, Ciudad de México C.P. 11590 MEXICO



+52 (55) 5250 4201



General Manager: ecastellanos@vgtours.mx

Sales:                    ventas@vgtours.mx


Web page:



Communication Channels


Viajes de Gala S.A. de C.V. has different communication channels for all its international customers:

-           Traditional: phone, travel fairs, expos, travel outlets or directly in our offices, among others.

-           Digital: email, social media, among others.


Our specialists will gather all requests to create the resulting proposals and quote all requested services.


All requests are subject to confirmation and availability. All quotes will be confirmed no later than 72 hours after any quote or request is received and only considering working days (Monday to Friday, Mexico Central Time). Quotes will be valid as specified on the “Annex Price” section of this document and always subject to availability at the moment of confirming quoted services.


To book any service, the customer is obligated to send the following information for the booking process:


-           Name of passengers

-           Age (children and seniors only)

-           Travel dates

-           Passport copy

-           Tours/activities the clients wishes to perform/attend

-           Number of rooms requested

-           Rooming list, type of room and special services required.

-           Hotel category: Standard (3 star), Superior (4 star) or Deluxe (5 star/boutique)

-           Payment form (Wire transfer, deposit…)


NOTE: It’s customer’s responsibility to provide Viajes de Gala S.A. de C.V. with accurate and complete information of all travelling passengers. The company will not proceed to book any service if there is missing information.



Rooms will not accept more than four people (children (10 years old or less) and adults. Children over 11 years old will be considered as adults. Room types are as follows:


SGL: Max. Occupancy 1 person. Room with one bed (queen or king depending on the hotel).

DBL: Max. Occupancy 2 adults (and two children under 10). Room type can have one bed (queen, king) or two queen beds (depending on the hotel).

TPL: Max. Occupancy 3 adults. TPL and QPL rooms have 2 beds (double or queen). We do not recommend four adults in one room due to comfort issues. TPL and QPL rooms are subject to client approval and well aware of our recommendations.

QPL: Occupancy 4 adults. We do not recommend four adults in one room due to comfort issues. TPL and QPL rooms are subject to client approval and well aware of our recommendations


Room availability/special needs


Depends on the hotel at arrival. Should there be special considerations before arrival, Viajes de Gala agrees to confirm special considerations (connecting rooms, smoking rooms, special needs…) or inform the client to ask for them directly at the front desk if unable con confirm service...).

If there would be no available rooms, Viajes de Gala S.A. de C.V. would inform the client of the situation, offer a similar hotel and wait for client confirmation.


Room assignation


Room distribution will be done depending on the Rooming List the Customer provides to Viajes de Gala S.A. de C.V. and will be assigned when arriving at the hotel. Any special requests (smoking room, connecting rooms, etc.) must be specified when the customer sends its Rooming List to Viajes de Gala S.A. de C.V. All rooms are subject to availability and must have written confirmation by our Company.


Check in/Check out


Generally, check in will be at 3 pm. Check out has a limit for 11 am. Early check in/late check out under request by the client at the hotel. All check in/check out policies are hotels’ responsibility and have nothing to do with Viajes de Gala S.A. de C.V.


Tours/Touristic services


Viajes de Gala S.A. de C.V. agrees to confirm all touristic services requested by the customer, pointing out pick up points, schedule, tour duration, and other important information. It is customer’s responsibility to be on time for tours and activities as suggested by Viajes de Gala S.A. de C.V.; it will be also the customer’s responsibility to be on the tour’s meeting point if otherwise indicated.


NOTE: Tours can have specific instructions, such as:

  • Safety instructions
  • Departure time
  • Specific activities
  • Departure points (at the hotel or other departure place in the city)
  • Special considerations when travelling with children
  • Included services
  • Meals included (in case there are)
  • Any not mentioned services will be considered as NOT INCLUDED in the tour.

It is each customer’s responsibility to read every detail of each tour’s instructions, as well as comply with service schedules, and arrive at the starting point in a timely manner. No refunds or compensations will be made for claims that do not meet these terms and conditions




Viajes de Gala S.A. de C.V. agrees to hand the customer the following documents before the arrival date:

  • Detailed itinerary
  • List of hotels and description
  • Services included and not included
  • Service vouchers in case of needed.
  • Confirmation numbers.
  • Copy of flight bookings (in case of hired with Viajes de Gala S.A de C.V.) as a part of the tour/circuit in Mexico.
  • Invoices/Proforma/Receipts of deposits / payments done by the customer.


Documents may be delivered in the following ways:


  • Physical delivery: Printed on folder, directly to the tour leader at the Meet & Greet.
  • Digital: e-mail or through other electronic portals.




Both parties accept that the business terms of their relationship are for their sole benefit and agree to keep all terms, rates, product and technology confidential.


Therefore, when the terms, rates, product and technology become public, VIAJES DE GALA, S.A. DE C.V., at its discretion, may cancel this agreement.




VIAJES DE GALA, S.A. DE C.V. acts only as an agent and does not manage or control or operate any suppliers of services, therefore assumes no liability for any loss, injury, damage, accident, delay or irregularity which may be caused by reason of any defect or through acts of default of any company or person engaged in carrying out any arrangements made by VIAJES DE GALA, S.A. DE C.V.




  • Cancellation: Annulment or interruption of any requested or booked service. Can come from a customer’s request, our Company or any service supplier. Can generate charges to customers.
  • Financial fee: Amount charged by any financial institution for the use of any of its banking tools (Credit Card use, e-commerce fees or any other banking tool used by Viajes de Gala).
  • Service Confirmation: Any service validation from our Company to any customer when paid in full.
  • Quote: Document with limited valid time where Viajes de Gala shows the cost of requested services by a customer. Viajes de Gala gathers any useful information by filling out a Service Request Form. On every quote, you can find the customer’s name, company name that requested services from our Company, list and costs of requested services, outline and service dates.
  • Availability: Validation of any available services on the dates the customer requested them. Availability will be validated for hotel rooms, transfers, tours, flights and other touristic activities.
  • Company: We define Viajes de Gala S.A. de C.V. as the “Company” on this document.
  • Service Fee: Amount charged and applied on any services requested by the customer, where the Company must specify the origin of this fee and shown on the quote.
  • Suppliers: Touristic entities in charge of operating services requested by the customer and subcontracted by Viajes de Gala. Suppliers can be identified as: hotels, transportation companies, travel guides, DMCs (Destination Management Companies) in charge of operating tours on site, insurance companies, car rentals, airlines and any other companies contracted to operate any service for the customer.
  • Intermediary: Commercial entity that acts as an agent between any supplier and a paying customer. An Intermediary subcontracts requested services, makes logistical arrangements and controls travel issues.
  • Outline/Itinerary: Logistic route where specific places, services, and important touristic attractions are described to the customer, assuming that these services and attractions will be operated on the specific times the Company marks on this document. Note: always subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Reservation: Is the action of booking requested services with the corresponding suppliers, on specific dates. Reservations are made when customers accept service quotes, sign a Service Contract with our Company and makes the corresponding payment/deposit specified in the accepted quote.
  • Group Services: Touristic services for 10 or more passengers.
  • FIT Services; Touristic services for 1 to 9 passengers who request Tailor Made services.
  • Service Request Form: Document where a customer requests our Company a quote for specific touristic services, travel dates, service category, number of passengers, destinations and local attractions or experiences. To complete a service request, customers must provide Viajes de Gala with all needed information (specified in the Company’s Terms and Conditions above described).
  • Tariff/Cost: List of prices, fees or charges payable by the customer in exchange of touristic services.
  • Peak/High Season: Dates where touristic services show a high demand by customers. Our Company will inform this to all customers when requesting a quote for services.
  • Low Season: Dates where touristic services show a low demand by customers. Our Company will inform this to all customers when requesting a quote for services.

As a designated signing authority for my company, I will attest that the terms and conditions set out in this document will be complied with.